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DIY – Roll Up Blinds, how-to

We’re here in our tiny outside kitchen in Hong Kong. And we would like to have some bamboo blinds. So I thought, why now not make them ourselves, due to the fact that we made the complete kitchen ourselves. That is sort of how our blind will appear like. We have 5 eyes on the prime. We will be able to attach a rope in one of the vital eyes after which bring it to the back, convey it to the front, to a different eye, and then bring it all the method to the right, and out, capable to drag. Equal for the proper side, we connect a rope to the highest, convey it to the back, and to the front, into a watch and to the final eye, out, additionally ready to drag. So when it’s rolled up it will appear some thing like this. What we will be able to use is a bamboo mat. Colossal ample to fit the window. Some cable ties. A gigantic piece of rope. Some screw eyes. A wooden beam, and a wood pole, or a plastic pole in my case. First I start with slicing the bamboo mat. Make it a bit taller then your window frame. Considering we want some extra to cover the picket beam and the pole.I situation the beam on the top and cover it with the bamboo mat. Then I make some holes for the cable ties and tie it collectively. When the beam is attached to the mat, i will flip the mat around and go to the other aspect, to connect the pole. Equal manner with the holes and the cable ties. Be certain you reduce them tight, so it will not be a situation when rolling the blind. Ok now it’s time for the attention screws. Collectively we will place 5 of them. First i use a common screw to pre screw the gap, so it will be extra convenient to position the eye screw in there. When the 5 eyes are attached to the beam, we’re in a position to apply the rope.Attach the rope to the highest eye after which go all the way to the back and come again to the front and get your rope through the eye on top, after which carry it to the proper, and get it via the correct eye, and the left side is finished. Then identical for the right part, all of the technique to the again, to the entrance, and through the top eye and to essentially the most correct eye.And that’s it. Now the blind is able, the only thing I have to do is to attach it. Thanks for looking at. When you like my movies, please subscribe. .