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DreamFit Premium Bamboo-Rich Comfort Sheet Set

Hello. I am A average guy AND i love regular guy things BASEBALL, HOTDOGS, MUSCLE cars, SILKY SHEETS AND this is the reason I SLEEP ON THIS SET FROM DREAMFIT. LET ME let you know a little bit BIT extra ABOUT WHY i like THE SHEET SET so much. The extent 5 premium alleviation wealthy performance SHEET SET FROM DREAMFIT EMPLOYS high-priced 70% RAYON FROM BAMBOO AND 30% COTTON BLENDED into a SILKY gentle SHEET THAT WHISKS AWAY MOISTURE FROM the surface OF YOUR physique. DREAMFIT COMBINES NEW PATENTED science WITH high best substances FOR the most comfy sound asleep experience. Every SHEET WILL fit your MATTRESS WITH tailored PRECISION. Thanks to THE PATENTED guaranteed to fit and guaranteed to stay ON nook STRAP DESIGN WITH super strong ELASTIC BINDING THAT ensures THE outfitted SHEET WILL stay ON ANY MATTRESS. THIS SHEET SET is naturally HYPOALLERGENIC AND MADE IN the usA OF IMPORTED materials. The additional tremendous top SHEET WILL match modern-day TALL MATTRESSES AND THE bottom fitted SHEET accommodates ANY MATTRESS as much as 20 INCHES AND IT COMES WITH A 1 12 months assurance.SO if you’re looking FOR the advantages OF ordinary materials AND SILKY tender alleviation appear TO DREAMFIT, you’re going to BE joyful WITH WHAT YOU to find. When you’ve got ANY QUESTIONS do not HESITATE TO call OUR income employees AT 1-800-455-1052. .

DreamFit Tencel Quilted Sheet Ensemble

I have seen QUILTED COMFORTERS. I’ve seen QUILTED PILLOWS. I’ve visible QUILTED QUILTS, but i have in no way obvious QUILTED SHEETS until I noticed THESE bad BOYS FROM DREAMFIT. The extent 6 TENCEL QUILTED SHEET ENSEMBLE IS AN particularly cozy SHEET SET. In general some thing YOU HAD by no means experienced before. LET’S discover SOME more. DREAMFIT’S TENCEL QUILTED SHEET ENSEMBLE facets A PATENTED QUILTED top SHEET, equipped SHEET AND REVERSIBLE PILLOW CASE SHAMS MADE WITH TENCEL FIBERS FOR TEMPERATURE REGULATING relief. TENCEL draws AND RELEASES MOISTURE FROM THE physique preserving YOU at the perfect TEMPERATURE ALL night lengthy. TENCEL can be tremendously soft AS good AS bacteria AND allergic reaction RESISTANT AND whats up it’s ECO-friendly TOO. THE PATENTED assured to suit and warranted to remain ON nook STRAP DESIGN AND tremendous robust ELASTIC BINDING guarantees THAT YOUR outfitted SHEET WILL keep ON ANY MATTRESS. THE four-PIECE ENSEMBLE entails ONE PATENTED QUILTED high SHEET, ONE PATENTED outfitted SHEET, AND TWO REVERSIBLE PILLOW CASE SHAMS. SO if you’re available in the market FOR cozy TEMPERATURE REGULATING SHEETS.I feel you are going to LIKE THIS SET FROM DREAMFIT. If you have ANY QUESTIONS don’t HESITATE TO name OUR earnings staff AT 1-800-455-1052. .