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The Most Dangerous Things to Crush With Hydraulic Press | in 4K

Thor’s Hammer – Ethan Meixsell Thor’s Hammer – Ethan Meixsell Welcome to the Hydraulic Press channel in these days we will be able to find out which is the most detrimental factor to crush And the concept is to crush anything, for instance now we have bearing ball after which we’re going to have these ballistic gelatin blocks around the factor that is going to blow up after which we will be able to simply see how deep will the fragments will fly into the gelatin And that is clear ballistic; it is bit like ballistic gelatin but which you could reuse it sometimes And we have shot with with canon and lot of stuff, so it’s not like absolutely new anymore but I think it doesn’t matter And… Yeah. Let’s with the bearing ball Yep! And here we go! (Anni) Hooy! Yep! Beautiful just right Let’s…Err… Keep the excessive speed after which have a appear it can be.. It can be really rough to assert is there any penetration on the gelatin since the small sparks… They fly so fast I suppose the better elements hit the gelatin, but i am not definite are they speedy sufficient Yep, and considering that these are pretty dirty it is difficult to claim if there is some, like, quite small holes. But there isn’t a foremost holes in or any of those and that i think that the many of the energy on bearing ball goes to these small… Fairly small… But particularly speedy particles And these better ones, these will not be relocating… Fast, so these should not like, detrimental. Or like, tremendous unsafe. Of direction which you can go blind, or some thing like that. However they are not going to kill you. After which the blast safeguard There isn’t anything mistaken with the blast defend So… I declare that the bearing ball is fairly nontoxic to crush but, don’t try this at house. In particular without, like, right blast look after And… And commonplace skinny blast shield is often not ample; you need like relatively thick polycarbonate on account that these can fly rapid if you have dangerous success however at the least this time these had been quite slow Yep, after which the next one. Tremendous marble ball. And this is bit softer material, but it surely’s much larger ball. So I think on this time we could have more of vigor going into those big clumps that can…Penetrate the gelatin, so, let’s have a look at. And here we go! (Anni) Hooy! (Anni) Wow (Lauri) We might have some… Some outcome now. As a minimum it can be like sticking to… The gelatin Yep, so right here is the sluggish motion Ahh! Appears beautiful excellent! And there’s some action on the gelatin; i’m not certain if those are rapid ample or sharp sufficient Yrp – i’m going to play it now bit slower So, there’s pretty large components going and… It appears like they like keep on with the item, then should not going to move super deep but I believe that would prefer harm.(Anni) that is so small… Small particles, that I believe they’re like just sticking to this however they’ve not penetrated. Yeah, so… I think we’re on the proper tracks however, still too small particles and too slow relocating. And these are also much lighter than the metal particles So… I declare that that is about as hazardous as the bearing ball Yep, after which the following one! Colossal ball bearing; the whole factor. Balls and the body and everything And final time after we overwhelmed these they have been bit smaller and so they went relatively deep into the gelatin So I feel this one will also be first of the like real damaging crushes today Yep, and here we go! Yep, fascinating! Yeah, looks like that, err, that is…Probably the most harmful thus far. The shrapnel goes particularly deep inside the gelatin but they still fly out but that was the outer ring and the interior d… Ring, that’s so much more challenging And i will put off the balls after which we’re going to crush that one, and that i think it will be pretty bad Yep, so the interior ring. It’s bit thicker, and it is smaller so it is much superior so it’s going to take lot extra of power to crush it and as a result the… Shrapnel must be flying a lot rapid. So, let’s see! Aaand here we go! Nooooo! Yep, that didn’t look unhealthy but right here we have this is new And there’s some So…You could generally bleed, but no longer like… Deadly. (Anni) after which this one here is some thing like this, and that is without a doubt like… Probably one centimeter deep so Yeah, so… The whole bearing is more dangerous than simply the balls And… I will be able to… Exhibit this… These are the stuff that’s flying, so… It can be like, fairly sharp Yep, so the following one is Ikea POKAL like, ingesting glass And these are stupidly strong they may be able to take well over 50 plenty of drive to crush And we once overwhelmed one like as an calibration piece for high pace digicam and it used to be like rather unhealthy shock for everybody how, how loud and violent it was So let’s see how it goes this time! Yep, aaand here we go! (Anni) Woo! Yeah, I believe that used to be just like the…Largest bang up to now Yep, so this is likely one of the pieces that flying out And right here is the line that… Was once the backside of the glass which exploded really rapid And the particles are quite tiny however that is adore it’s like stuffed with, like… It’s like… Err, the feel of the skin is now wholly extraordinary there is butlamas like this rather tar rather exceptional… Sand… F, flying particularly speedy So, I feel it wouldn’t like penetrate your dermis customarily make it like… Pink… Or something like that. However… That’s rather… Rather powerful glass. It used to be huge bang. Yep! After which the final one… Enjoying playing cards. And… These aren’t very heavy, or sharp, but… They take over a hundred lots of drive, and it’s continuously enormous explosion. So, I suppose we might have some cards sticking into the gelatin. And here we go! (Lauri) Uh oh! It’ll be fairly unhealthy! (Anni) Woo! Heh – yeah, I, i am going have a look Yeh, these are like entirely full of like one millimeter deep…Holes and lot of stuff so it can be relatively difficult to claim, but I feel the… Playing cards like this they so sstiny Like… Sort of this, that this is not going to love penetrate i have been as soon as hit from flying bullet from the computing device and it go away like, just like reddish mark to your dermis and i consider this is really the equal factor So… It will damage but it’s now not like, hazardous All of those have been just, like, one go. Should you are trying again it could be completly one of a kind and it perpetually is particularly harmful to use this so much of drive. So, although this appears relatively risk-free now, it might be fairly detrimental. So do not try this at dwelling. And… I’ve… Couple matters that are much more unsafe than things that we did at present but these need little bit extra, like, planning to do them safely So…In the event you… Like this video please hit thumbs up and… If this get lot of views then we do this little bit additional work and recreation up some thing much more silly subsequent week. Yeah, however I believe that’s inquisitive about at present! Thanks for staring at, and have a fine day! Thor’s Hammer – Ethan Meixsell Aand for state-of-the-art extra content material we have now this inexperienced lizard It looks really innocent, nevertheless it would have nasty surprise in it so it is extremly harmful…And we need to care for it. (Anni) Oh! .