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How to play ALL the notes on the recorder! | Team Recorder

Howdy all people. I am Sarah and i’m a recorder player Now over here at staff Recorder I do a number of movies which have advanced techniques or they go very In-depth and we really go into matters that you can get your enamel into however I also need this channel to be entirely obtainable for persons who could have simply picked up the instrument as a consequence this video the best way to play all of the notes on the recorder *recorder enjoying* however i am going to show all of the notes so whether or not you could have just started or you will have been enjoying for a few years And you wish to have to know how one can play that prime, high, top A-flat there’s some thing on this video for you do you know the recorder is thoroughly chromatic and it could possibly play virtually three octaves of range We are inclined to suppose of the recorder of having a small confined variety, however that’s just no longer genuine And i will show you all of that i am going to show it first on the soprano recorder this works additionally for tenor Then i’m going to show it again on the alto recorder this additionally works for sopranino, and i’m going to have my helpful desktop screen next to me displaying how the notice is written down with every notice i am also going to put the sort of code i take advantage of as a fingering approach the thumb that you shut the again whole with is zero Then you might have finger 1 2 three after which to your correct hand four 5 6 7 The gap on the end of your recorder is quantity eight if the quantity is written down It should be closed if it’s now not written down It must be open and if it has a little bit line (-) after it it should be 1/2 open this is certainly fashioned for the thumb or for the double holes on the bottom so for illustration on the soprano F-sharp can be 0 1 2 three 5 6 4 and seven are open And the last factor it is a lot of notes think you want to seem up one particular notice and you do not need to sit through this entire interesting video i’m planning to make the effort to place the links to each notice down in the description below, so don’t forget to determine that out *song* establishing with the soprano recorder the bottom word on the soprano is C it’s notated like this but it’s worth figuring out that the soprano recorder sounds an octave larger than it can be notated we don’t notate at pitch on account that then it might look particularly fairly excessive on the song and be complicated.Let’s get into it C all holes covered C sharp or D flat all holes included but the little finger is open halfway bear in mind that, that stripe D D sharp E flat E F F-sharp G flat G G sharp A flat A a pointy more traditionally referred to as B flat B C C-sharp D flat without the thumb D D sharp or E Flat, my favorite word And from here, we’re pinching the again hole so it is open midway E F F-sharp G flat G G-sharp a flat bit of a complex one A a sharp, B-flat And relying for your recorder, you could not need your little finger B C Now we’re getting to the exciting bit don’t forget the gap on the finish of your recorder that you may quilt this along with your leg, hole number eight C sharp D flat D D D sharp E flat once more, depending to your recorder you would not want your correct hand fingers E F F Sharp Annnd G *RIP recorder gamers* sure it’s feasible to head better, but ermmm those notes are a little bit more experimental I consider this is excessive sufficient and simply to assert that’s we’ve the low B close the entire holes on the recorder and then half on the bottom hole with your knee Whoo-hoo-hoo let’s do that every one once more with the alto recorder Now the intent i’m doing this again with the alto is when you consider that it’s in the key of F instead of C, and we learn the song another way Recorder avid gamers very intelligent, so you utilize the equal finger rings but then a further note comes out starting on the backside the low F, the sounding pitch.This is the entire holes protected F-sharp or G-flat G G sharp or A flat A a pointy or B flat B C C sharp or D flat D D sharp or E flat A first-rate easy one, E F F Sharp or G flat G, no thumb G sharp or A flat to any extent further the thumb hole can be around 1/2 open a pointy or B flat B C C sharp or D flat, bit of a elaborate observe D D sharp or E flat Little finger non-compulsory relying on the tuning of your instrument E Oh, i’ll do that one once more F again, we’re entering that a part of our recorder where we close gap quantity eight with our knee beginning with the F sharp G Flat G G sharp or A flat probably you ought to tune this with some fingers from the right hand A a sharp or B flat B And C, and if you’re nonetheless following all of these ledger strains you are a genius And yes, we’ll go all of the method back off To our best low E, which is everything protected and then 1/2 of the bottom gap together with your knee Haha, in order you’ll find we’ve got comfortably blanketed a range of two octaves and a sixth, with somewhat of Experimenting and a few heart blowing.I think that you can get round three octaves, no longer bad for an instrument that folks see as "restrained" And the quality and wonderful and horrible thing about the recorder is that every single observe will also be performed in a couple of different approaches here, i have chosen to give the most fashioned ones so if you’ve learnt one more B-flat for example don’t fear yours is by and large still valid So workforce Recorder, i’m hoping that this video is a precious resource for you every time you are taking part in some new piece, and you’re considering. OMG. How did I play that note again? Final week, I introduced up the concept of the video on tuning and you have been all particularly enthusiastic So sure my tuning video can be coming subsequent week you probably have been having fun with staff Recorder were you aware you could decide on to support the channel on patreon? I relatively want my channel to be free and open and accessible for each person So most effective help the channel if it can be anything you are in a position to do and you need to do but a good way to be relatively first-class As at all times you can subscribe to my channel by clicking On my small face down right here in the recorder The link to my patreon page is up right here And over right here, i’ll put a link to….To, my improvisation project video due to the fact that that was a lot enjoyable to make and that i perpetually put out of your mind it exists Thanks for observing team Recorder and have a beautiful day Bye .