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Gridshell in composite material – @Créteil, 2013

Prefabrication of the grid from 2kms of glass fiber pultruded pipes assembling person tubes with sleeves we’re constructing here a “transitority cathedral” that we call “ephemeral cathedral” for the duration of the renovation lots of volunteers are worried within the fabrication method I … I desired to aid … A bit bit i have been assisted through several persons particularly for technical and architectural selections it’s staff work ! This structure will keep here for a minimum of 18-24 months and can provide enough performances involving waterproofing, air sealing, heating with a lasting concrete flooring the 550m2 grid is now able to by using lifted-up with the aid of two cranes final coordination meeting earlier than launching the erection stage checking the connections the grid is basically deformed with the aid of elastic bending the structure is anchored to a concrete strip footing with a distinct metal process when the grid is utterly fixed it adopts perfectly the shape estimated by means of numerical simulations a 3rd layer of tubes is introduced to the predominant grid to ensure bracing eventually the constitution is covered by a p.C.Coated material see extra on : www.Thinkshell.Fr/built/    bamboo sheets