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BedVoyage Rayon from Bamboo Bed Sheets

Hi, I’m Sharon Stuart from BedVoyage Introducing our wellness line of rayon from bamboo Bedding. Equal parts luxurious and casual. Bamboo fibers have natural benefits that help you sleep better. They wick and evaporate moisture three times faster than cotton, which keeps you drier and bamboo fibers adjust to your body’s temperature Releasing the heat through the micro gaps and holes, so you sleep cooler.

You’ll love that your linens stay fresh longer. Because, bamboo is resistant to odors and bacteria it’s amazingly soft and comforting to your skin The fibers are so fine and round like a hair on your head, That makes them hypoallergenic and a non irritant to sensitive skin. We don’t coat our linens with formaldehyde or Flame-retardant chemicals like much of the cotton and microfiber industry So you may see a little wrinkle with bamboo. But you can rest easy knowing that you’re sleeping on sheets with healthy sleep benefits.

In case you were wondering, rayon is the process of converting a tree or stock into a fiber. Our linens are made from 100% organically farmed bamboo.

Our five-star luxury details consist of a flat sheet that is a foot longer than traditional linens So your top sheet will stay tucked in at the foot of the bed. The fitted sheet is 18 inches deep to fit most pillow top mattresses and has a tight elastic all the way around, so the corners never pop off. The pillowcases are a little roomier, so it’s easier to insert your pillow. Make your sleep life better with BedVoyage Linens . You can get your bamboo bedding from the “Bamboo For Life” online store.

Bamboo Sheets Review – Is Bamboo the Material for You?

Today I’ll be reviewing the Luxury Bamboo Sheet set. I’m going to tell you a little bit about what I like, what I don’t like, and for whom these will be especially beneficial. Let’s get started. Now that we got the sheets on the bed, let’s talk about what they’re made of. These sheets are made from 100 percent natural bamboo fibers, which have a reputation of making very, very soft material. There are several types of bamboo. As promised, the feel of these sheets is incredibly soft.

Really just — silky, light, airy, breathable material. I can feel how it drapes over my body. I can’t stop rubbing the material. I just think it feels so soothing and silky on my skin. The pillow cases are pretty large. Like I said, this is a queen set that I’m testing. You would, of course, get king size pillow cases with a king size set. These are accommodating a pretty large pillow right now, and they’ve still got a little bit of room to spare. The opening has this nice flap of fabric, so that you don’t actually see inside of the pillow case, a nice aesthetic value there.

A common complaint that sleepers have about sheets is that the fitted sheet becomes untucked throughout the night. Maybe they toss and turn, and wake to find that the sheet has become untucked. I can tell you after rolling around quite a bit in these sheets, that has not happened. All four corners are still snugly tucked under the mattress. Overall, these sheets have a great feel. Like I said, the most important thing to me is how they feel on my body, and to me these are incredibly soothing, comfortable, soft sheets. For folks who are looking for something silky, light, and breathable, these are a great option. The prices of these sheets range from 120 to 250, but if a hypoallergenic sheet set will improve your quality of life, it might be worth it. There are a lot of things to like about this sheet set. To name a few, the natural properties of bamboo are to be sweat wicking and cooling, so if you heat up during the night, these will be beneficial for you. Another great thing about bamboo is it’s naturally hypoallergenic, so if you have allergies, sensitive skin, these are especially beneficial for you.

Something great about this is they let you try these sheets for days before you have to make any decisions. That’s a long time for even the most indecisive sleeper. My favorite thing about these sheets is just how incredibly soft they are. They feel amazing on my skin, and at the end of the day, that’s the most important factor for me. There are a few cons to this sheet set.

Firstly, the color I received does not exactly match the color represented on the website. It’s not a huge deal, but if you’re picking something other than white, it’s something to bear in mind for sure. Another thing about these sheets is they wrinkle and crease easily. Unfortunately, you cannot iron them, or it would ruin the material. If you want to get the wrinkles out without having to go through the entire wash process, just throw them in the dryer on a low setting, and shake the wrinkles out. One other thing about these sheets is while they’re lovely, light, and breathable, they’re very light, and really not intended to keep you warm. While they might be perfect for summer time, I would definitely switch to something heavier when the winter rolls around.Well, that’s it for now. To read my full written review on the Luxury Bamboo Sheet set, or to browse other bamboo product reviews, google it. If you found this review to be helpful, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel, and give us a thumbs up. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comment section below. Well, that’s all for this review. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you next time.

Indoor Plants That Clean Air: Peace Lily, Areca Palm, Aloe, Bamboo

Bless you and your indoor plants. Like that’s the biggest thing right now is how many plants that she has? Where are all of her plant babies and also something that people don’t talk about is why our plant babies keep dying? I have spent Mmm, not too much money, but enough money for me to be like, I’m not doing that again on plants that ended up dying now my room. This is as bright as it gets. I have no direct sunlight in my room So I think that was one of the reasons one of my plan babies kept dying but I don’t want to keep up with the Joneses and I don’t want to keep up with the Joneses as Far as aesthetically pleasing stuff. I want to Detoxify the air that I am breathing in. Again, I have a little window the fresh air is not getting it all the time so a great way for me to detoxify my air and release. I capture all the toxins in the air, and the pollution. Our plans God gives us so many things of the earth that are just natural ways to make our lives better. So let’s get straight into it.

So this is my first detoxifying plant to show you guys so this Her name is Lily. And this is a peace lily plant. This is the plant that has like the white at the top Can you see that she’s blooming? She’s so happy. She’s so excited. Yeah, so this is peace lily and what I’ve done I’ve taken an old candle jar and I just placed her in here and she is flourishing. Okay, what I do with my plants I water them I put them in my shower and I’ll spray them up for like a few moments like maybe like two minutes like not even and And then I’ll put them in the Sun for maybe 15 minutes and I do that once a week. I think that is what is helping them and guys I learned this from my girl Imani. I’ve talked to my plants now. So hi Lily, how are you? You looking good, girl. Yes, you are flourishing. That’s why she is flourishing. That’s why she is opening up for you guys. Like I talked to my plants now, so this is Peace lily go ahead and go to your local nursery and get your plants. If you live in LA I get all of my plants from sunset nursery on Sunset Boulevard in Silver Lake Echo Park area. So I highly recommend there they’re so helpful, so amazing and let’s move on to the next plant is my array cup palm.

I don’t know if I’m saying that right back In the jungle The mighty jungle. Okay. This is my raker pump. I call her for luring she just be flirting, honey Oh that tickles. She is flourishing. So again, this is just the old. Um, what was this? I think there was some old flowers in here, but I took it and put her in here I think my favorite part of buying plants is re-potting them getting the dirt in my hand and like Getting it out of the pot that they come in at the nursery and putting them in these glass bonds, I don’t know.

I just really like it. So this again is their breakup. Um This is a little bit tougher. I feel like this one. It does well in low light and regular light but I keep speaking life over flourishing but I feel like flourishing is She’s challenging me. She’s challenging me on on her life expectancy. So again, this is the array cup palm and um Yeah Next we have little one.

This is my little one. I call this one little one I really love this plant because I love the details and textures and this one is a Variation of a low this is a variation of a low enough this is and also guys if you do have aloe Vera Aloe Vera also is very good for so many other things but also of detoxifying the air so this one again. Same thing. I just water all of them together in a group. I put this in an old candle container, and I like this one because it’s thick. I feel like little one is gonna be with me for a while So I am really happy about that again. I’m sorry guys. I don’t know exactly what kind of plant this is But if you do know leave it in the car but low and last but not least this is Bamboo this is bamboo. I literally call her bamboo. This is a variation of bamboo So if you guys look really closely Look at this beautiful Look at God like look at God’s design and then it’s just like BAM just giving you all of this style and looks at the top.

So this is a variation of bamboo plants, I keep this one closest to my bed because bamboo is supposed to be really lucky and Yeah I’m happy about this one. I really like it because I know that it’s gonna stick with me for a long time and yeah, so all of these plants they came to Everything came out to like 50 bucks So like each one was maybe like a little bit less or more than ten dollars But also they gave me these plant Plant food it’s two dollars I think that’s also the key in keeping our plant babies alive longer is Plant food when you go and buy your plan to ask them for like plant food.

It should only be two dogs It’s like this little stick thing that you put it in the dirt and leave it and I think that’s what also is helping. So Again, these plants detoxify the air from formaldehyde carbon dioxide and many other cleaning products. if you don’t use natural Cleaning products. It also helps clean out the air. These are low maintenance these work well in low to bright light and again I wash them once a week in the shower and leave them outside for like ten minutes And I think they love it And also guys I talked to my plants. Plants to be talking we’d be talking to a like and I just I just thank them I said you’re looking good I think them for giving the air and Detoxifying the air. So yeah. I hope this video helps. I know I don’t have all the scientific terms, but I’m human what you’re going to I’m not a computer.That’s what Google’s for. That’s all I’m saying that that’s what Google’s for. So if you guys have any further questions, please feel free to leave them below and I’ll see you guys in the next article. Peace .

Ever Seen A Better Nights Sleep?

I doubt that anybody has ever slept better than I did last night. The reason was the comfort I felt in this bed covered with bamboo bed sheets. I would recommend that you check out for your luxury bedding. Bamboo sheets are really comfortable. Go get em! You’ll be glad you did!

Falling Back into my Bamboo Sheets, I felt Relief!

Right here in the North, wintertimes are frigid and summers are warm. Getting rejuvenating remainder is crucial to healthiness and enjoying living. It’s simple the same old thing, habitually, for many years. Make the bed with cotton sheets. That’s the method I’ve consistently done it! Well right here’s an idea for those who are not “in the know” you will certainly rest better with bamboo bed linen. Not just will you sleep better, other bed related tasks will certainly be better as well. Bamboo Sheets just really feels so excellent, it makes you aware of your skin, it’s a tip to buy out of your head and into your physical body. In addition to everything the bamboo fabric has temperature level moderating homes that keeps you cool in the summer season and cozy in the winter. It’s wonderful for folks that have warm flashes or night perspirations, the wicking activity of bamboo aids a lot. And, it’s natural, natural, “yard fed” and eco useful. So visit the benefits of bamboo sheets and duvet covers. Bamboo towels are a terrific addition to your bath. I obtained my duvet covers from They have excellent individual solution and the rate is the best online. Right here’s a video clip from Bed Trip, among the bamboo sheet providers, that tells exactly how terrific bamboo sheets and towels really feel.

Bamboo Bedding and Duvet Covers

Bamboo Bedding and Duvet Covers